Priority, Time & Workload Management

Is your hour glass leaking sand?  The ever increasing influx of responsibilities and priorities is a challenge even for the most organized. Our proven methods for managing the digital deluge, processing information, and structuring your time can help you maximize your day, get more done in every hour and be able to leave work at work.

How it Works

Does your department constantly feel “under the gun” as deadlines approach? Are you overwhelmed by the staggering number of post-it notes that have taken over your desk?  Do you think about how much more productive your team could be if they didn’t spend their entire day sending and receiving email?

The majority of people in today’s workforce would answer “yes” to at least one of those questions.  In a typical business day, people can feel overworked and overwhelmed by the volume and speed of today’s high-speed information exchange.  While we can’t make email or deadlines go away, we can work with you to make them more manageable. 

Over the course of a day, priorities change, interruptions occur and deadlines that looked manageable yesterday, become impractical today.  Our approaches to Priority, Time and Workload Management are based on our time-tested productivity process that helps you plan for and react to these changes.  This allows you to maintain your focus on the organization’s priorities.  Our process, combined with your tool, creates a comprehensive workload management system.  This system allows you to:

  • Think and work more proactively
  • Manage a large volume of information: e-mail, voice mail, faxes, memos, reports and files
  • Organize communications
  • Plan and prioritize daily tasks
  • Reduce desk clutter
  • Recover more quickly from interruptions
  • Take back control of your day
  • End your day with an empty inbox and clear mind

How We Approach Priority, Time and Workload Management:


We conduct various workshops for in-tact teams, departments and organizations that address the many challenges busy people face and focus on breaking down productivity barriers.  Since every organization is unique, we conduct in-depth conversations with sponsors and participants to gain a firm understanding of your business, your culture and your distinct productivity barriers.  Once we understand these important aspects of your organization, we customize the workshop to address these barriers in the most effective way.  Our workshops are followed up with one-on-one phone appointments to address personal challenges and questions.  We won’t leave you high and dry:  we are always just a phone call away. 

A sample of our workshops include:

  • Managing Your Workload with Outlook
  • Managing Your Workload with Lotus Notes
  • Workload Management

Executive Briefing

Every Thursday, from 2:00-2:30 PM EST, we host a free online executive briefing of our workshop, Managing Your Workload with Outlook.  The executive briefing is a great way to get a taste of the workshop and see how it can help you and your team take control of your day.  Click here to sign up and learn more!

Executive Coaching

We understand that although senior leaders would like to improve their workload management skills, their busy schedules do not always allow the flexibility to participate in a full day workshop.  Therefore, we offer executive coaching sessions for these individuals.  These sessions offer a unique one-on-one experience between the executive and our facilitator that allows the executive to reach the desired outcome in a shorter period of time.


Our productivity process reaches its full potential when every member of a team is able to successfully implement it.  Successful implementation hinges on everyone being on the same page at the same time.  By facilitating a team conversation about the current process and team dynamic, we can lead your team to increased productivity.  During our facilitated session, we will help your team create a team charter, set up rules for how the process will be used and discuss best practices.  This personalized team session provides the opportunity to address productivity barriers unique to your team.

Associated Resource Tools

All of our approaches include handouts and/or learning guides that serve as a resource to participants once the learning initiative has ended.  Our participants are also signed up for our monthly learning-link tool that offers workload management tips and check-ins.  As always, we are easily accessible for questions that arise a month (or a year) after the initiative.

Your corporate trainers can be certified to deliver this material.