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4 Tips for Stretching Your “Team” Training Budget

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 4/1/15 12:42 PM

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4 Tips for Stretching Your “Team” Training Budget   Budget2015

Even if your budget remains untouched, chances are there are not enough resources to handle all the needs you encounter. Especially when those requests are coming from your intact teams (either project or functional). You already take great care to conserve and stretch those training dollars, here are a few additional tips on how you can maintain or increase your impact during leaner times:



1.  Don’t try to solve an individual’s skill gaps with group training.  If the need is limited to one or two team members then you will likely be able to address the skill gaps with coaching, mentoring, on-the-job assignments and other resources geared to individual learning. And it has the added benefit of being the more cost-effective options. 

 2.  Focus your training budget where it can have the biggest impact by prioritizing training requests according to their impact on the strategies of the organization: alignment with strategy matters. An annual audit will ensure your training programs are still relevant. It can be very enlightening and help cut costs in the right places.  

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3.  Do more "just-in-time" training by linking training to meetings and other work sessions. For example, a few hours of "innovation" training at the front end of an annual planning or problem-solving meeting can have a significant impact and take less time from the Training Department’s resources. 

4.  Help your team leaders diagnose problems more effectively. Giving your team leaders more tools to figure out what's really happening on their team means they can come to you with more clearly defined needs and save you time in the needs assessment process. Our clients often use a simple process checklist or “team health check”. Frequently, they deploy DiSC assessments with a “results interpretation” session for their teams or they may use a more complete team behaviors assessment, like The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Profile, to help with diagnosis. 

Doing more with less is never an easy task, and sometimes, it just isn’t practical. However, if you find yourself in a position where you are being asked to do just that, one of these tips might make all the difference. The results will help you maintain your momentum in an environment of decreasing resources.


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