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Ramping up Quickly with Microsoft Teams

Posted by Stephanie Sibille and Deb Cullerton on 3/16/22 7:25 AM


So, you just got Microsoft what? It’s just another Skype, right? Not really.

 We've all heard it by now. The low-pitched "ding" that comes through your speakers, usually accompanied by a concurrent purple pop-up window. It can mean lots of things - a response to a question that you have been needing to get answered, more work that you need to complete - or random chatter from a distribution list that you have never signed up for. But dig a little deeper, and things can start to get messy. There's a flurry of IMs coming through, and you can't keep up. Or you've been added to channels than you don’t even recognize, and you don’t know why. Or you get notified any time a file or tab gets added to a team, and you have no idea if you should ignore it or if you are suddenly missing something important that you need to be diligently checking.

 So, the big question becomes: Is Microsoft Teams a productivity goldmine or a reactivity trap?

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Topics: Organizational &Talent Development, Productivity for All, All About Teams, Leadership Matters

Running Meetings with Purpose:  Wait, Why Are We Here?

Posted by Stephanie Sibille and Deb Cullerton on 2/6/19 11:39 AM

Last week, as I plugged into my computer and logged into my video conferencing software, I found myself asking this exact question. It was the end of a long week, and I was meeting with some industry colleagues to discuss a potential upcoming project. While the work was exciting and I was happy to connect with my colleagues, I found myself dreading this particular phone meeting.  Why, you ask?

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Topics: Productivity for All, All About Teams, Leadership Matters

Say What Now? 4 Steps to Managing Resistance to Change

Posted by Stephanie Sibille and Deb Cullerton on 4/6/18 2:47 PM

Think back to the last time you suggested a new idea to someone else. It could have been as simple as a new recipe for dinner at home, or as involved as suggesting a new way to solve a complex problem at work. How was that information received? Did people go along with your suggestion, or were you met with resistance that surprised you?

In our Change Leadership and Change Readiness workshops, we often begin by polling the room and asking who thinks that they respond well to change. Here is what normally happens: a handful of hands go up immediately (maybe 1/3 of the room), some people admit that they’re not too fond of change, and most people will say that it depends People are open to change when it directly benefits them, or better yet, when it was their suggestion.  So what is a leader to do when a change coming from the organizational leadership is met with resistance? 

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Topics: Organizational &Talent Development, All About Teams, Leadership Matters, HR Executives, Change Happens

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