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Double Down or Fold?

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 3/16/16 10:40 AM

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So the 1st quarter is almost over and your motivation for the new year’s resolutions and healthy changes is wearing a little thin.  The stresses of winter and normalcy have crept back into your life.  Ok well that’s what’s happening to me anyway and I’m hoping I’m not the only one.

The vast majority of resolutions have gone by the wayside for everyone else, but not for us my friends!  It’s time to double down with a few strategies to re-energize and re-motivate:

Know Your Why                                                                        048499529-old-style-why.jpeg

Re-acquaint yourself with why you wanted this change in the first place.  Don’t blow through this either. Stay here in your head for a bit turning it over and really feeling the pain of it not happening.  Ask yourself these questions: 

What happens when I achieve it?
What happens for me when it’s a consistent habit?
What if I don’t do it this year?
What if I never do?

There is great power in coming back to your “why”!

Plan for Reality not Perfection                                                          

Ok, torture is over!  Now let’s tackle a few barriers since they have inevitably crept back into your world.  I climbed onto a plane a few weeks ago for business and all the good eating habits I had 013909946-architect-planning-out-house.jpegestablished since January 1st apparently took a different flight!  (How quickly it all crumbles when the front desk clerk hands you a warm chocolate chip cookie at 10pm after a long day.)  If you’re nodding knowingly, then here’s what I learned from it:  There’s no value in beating yourself up.  In order to make it through these trials, you’ll need to develop a few plans to strengthen yourself in these areas.  I came home and scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist to help me strategize around my weak spot - travel meals.

 Find your Support People  

Sheer will and determination may have gotten you this far, but sticking with new habits can be a real bear.  Create 049831824-support.jpegreinforcements to keep you honest and accountable.  A buddy can be a tremendous tool, but choose very carefully.  Not everyone is cut out for support and some can’t be trusted to handle you sensitively.  Let them know exactly what you need from them.  I’ve let my family know that I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of servers when faced with tough menu decisions, but I appreciate them helping me plan for good choices on the way to the restaurant.  And, if they decline the bread basket so I don’t need to, I’ll be thankful.

We’re in this for the long haul.  Spring is here and I’m using this week to refocus.  Hope you’ll do the same and let me know how it goes for you.


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