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The 5 F's of More Successful Meetings and Team Retreats

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 7/14/17 8:14 AM

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It's time for your summer team meeting and you haven't even begun to plan it.  Don't let your meeting be like the ones where the most memorable parts are the adult beverages consumed after the meeting! 


The 5 F's will make your summer team meeting a phenomenal success with almost no time to plan:

Focus – don’t stuff your agenda.  Pick the most important reasons to have people together and stay focused on that.  (ie. brainstorming, strategy, planning, creating)  You can always send and hand out supporting information later, but don't waste your valuable facetime.

Facilitate progress – using someone (who’s not you) to keep you rolling, driving to solutions and decisions is invaluable.  The more of an investment you’re making in the meeting on travel and peoples' time, the more important a "facilitator" is to guarantee a return on that investment.  Contact us for a surprisingly reasonable summer rate on facilitation.  (We may even have someone in your area already.)

Find your "team groove" - assess for healthy team behaviors before the meeting and work on just one behavior that needs improvement.  The face-to-face environment is perfect to clear the air and work on sticky, but critical behaviors like trust, accountability, conflict, etc. PMA can provide Everything DiSC profiles or the new Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team profiles.

 Sample Team Profile

Foundational skill building - people will feel better about the time away if they take back something that helps them perform better back on the job. 60-90 min bite-size learning segments can fit the bill beautifully here.  See a list of PMA Bite-Size Learning topics that we can be deliver virtually or in person for you.

Bite-size Learning Modules

Foster relationships  - make time for this and be thoughtful about how to create the best spaces for it. Competitions can be fun and bonding but fail if they don’t allow people time to get to know each other better along the way.  With activities like bowling, people spend the whole night with the same group if you don’t consider ways to mix them up periodically.

Fun, of course, is the bonus F.  Your team will bring the fun if they feel relaxed and encouraged to be themselves.  Most professionals feel like true progress is the most fun of all, so consider each F for your meeting this year and they'll walk away truly pumped up and happy they were there.

Best of luck with your next meeting!  

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