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The Struggle for Focus and 3 Ways to Improve It

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 8/7/17 3:36 PM

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This morning I didn't follow my own rules and here's what happened:

7:00 Start pc

7:01 Dive right into email

7:03 Open email with fun blog title for website company

7:05 Peruse their website

Laptop Work-3.jpg
7:07 Link to someone they like in neuroscience (a field that's like crack for me)

7:10 Read everything the neuroscientist has ever written on the web

7:40 Consider 3 new business ideas; discard all of them

7:50 Decide to go to twitter to link with the neuroscientist

8:12 Wake up from a twitter-induced fog to realize I have lost the first FREAKING HOUR of my day!!!


 How many times has this happened to you?


The crazy part is that even with a high level of awareness about what just happened, I'm having to fight with all I have not to jump back into the bliss that is mindless surfing.  I can justify it all as "research" or vaguely related to what I teach, but the truth is that I am simply hooked by the addictive nature of information.

 So here's three reminders for those of us who care about WorkingSm@rt and not wasting the first hour of every day. 

  •  Bite the Lemon - Jump into a high priority, high impact item first thing and hold on the email triage until you've gotten something valuable off your list.
  •  Use your Tools - Don't be afraid to set 15 and 30 minute alarms for yourself throughout the day.  These keep me from "getting lost"  on the web or perfecting something well past the point of value.
  • Know the Beast - Understand what drags you in and be honest with yourself about why you allow it.  Is it procrastination?  Indulgence?  Fatigue? Simple distraction?  Until you name it and claim it, you can't tame it!

8:26 Blog post completed.  And it only took an hour longer than it should have.  Oh well.  


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