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Keeping Your Training Programs Fresh and Engaging (even on the 20th delivery)

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 2/5/16 9:39 AM

I keep this quote on my office wall.

"When learning about life and people, make no more assumptions than are absolutely necessary.  Ask and observe."  William of Ockham, 1324

 Over the years it reminded me time and time again, that no matter how prepared I can be to teach a specific topic, the most important component of that training is unknown until the class begins:  the audience.  

It's too easy to forget this when trainers and facilitators have been teaching a topic for a long time or leaders have become expert in their presentation material.  Once we forget this simple rule, the lecture begins.  Or, we roll out the same tired questions, expecting the same answers and we are fully prepared to respond to them, even before the question is complete.  It is the stuff of deteriorating results in the classroom, and it can be deadly for our most seasoned trainers (myself included). 

So, here are three tactics for keeping it fresh and different every time, based on who's in the room.

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Let's Stop Obsessing About Millennials

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 12/2/15 11:18 AM

I just read an article in HR Dive that reported on "The top learning trends for 2016 and beyond" written by Kathryn MoodyThe last trend cited in the article was the focus on Millennials in the workplace.  I don't disagree that it is a trend, but I do believe we've gone completely over the top with it. 

We humans have a strong need to see patterns and to organize the world around us that seems so chaotic at times.  That said, we have more data than ever about each individual and live in an age where we can use our new technologies (and good common sense) to customize learning to each person.  

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Getting Better Control of Your Technology

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 11/11/15 11:17 AM

In last year's Forbes article, "How To Get Even More From Your Technology:  Turn It Off", Kevin Ready makes the case that in order to overcome the evils of our technology, we should walk away or turn it off.  

He's not wrong about the evils, and occasionally walking away or turning it off creates a much needed techno-break. However, I believe there's a far more valuable answer:  Get control of your technology!

Don't let it overwhelm and distract you With a few rules for wrestling it under control and modifying your behavior, your tools can be useful and productive, not your enemy.


At Priority Management Associates, we teach people to take the following approach:

Assess it - Learn it - Control it - Work it

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Engage Your Team with “Mind-Blowing” Customer Service

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 4/22/15 4:28 PM

Listening to customers and delivering truly “mind-blowing” service can be a very effective way to engage your team .  The following anecdote has been relayed countless times as a story of great customer service, but the untold story is the one of how a phenomenal team mobilized to make it happen.

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4 Tips for Stretching Your “Team” Training Budget

Posted by Deb Cullerton on 4/1/15 12:42 PM

4 Tips for Stretching Your “Team” Training Budget   

Even if your budget remains untouched, chances are there are not enough resources to handle all the needs you encounter. Especially when those requests are coming from your intact teams (either project or functional). You already take great care to conserve and stretch those training dollars, here are a few additional tips on how you can maintain or increase your impact during leaner times:



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