Presentation, Communication & Behavioral Styles

In a world where information is transferred in an instant, the importance of clear, concise and engaging communication is key.  Our unique, multi-media approach to developing dynamic speakers, skilled communicators and expert trainers will show you how to find understanding, inspire action and develop buy-in in every conversation, every class and every meeting.

How it Works

Is your team concerned about the affects of unnecessary stress and tension created by conversations with “difficult” coworkers?  Do you wish you could anticipate your coworkers’ reactions before you gave him/her bad news?  How would the interactions with your staff change if your staff responded to deadlines and communicated effectively on every project? 

Every day, we work with people who are “different” from us and this can make communication a serious challenge.  In today’s workforce, we communicate on multiple platforms throughout the entire day to relay information, but how effective is that communication?  Whether you’re presenting the quarterly budget review or in your boss’ office discussing a new human resource policy, knowing how to effectively communicate with your audience is crucial in the success of professional and personal relationships. 

So, how do you achieve this?  With our approaches to Presentation, Communication and Behavioral Styles:


Our workshops help participants gain an understanding of the essential skills of effective communication.  Two of our most popular workshops on these topics are:

Design & Deliver Effective Presentations

For employees charged with delivering presentations, we offer the Design & Deliver Effective Presentations workshop.  This workshop integrates all aspects of presenting:  purpose, people, presentation and platform to sharpen a presenter’s proficiency from the planning stage through the execution of the presentation.  Participants are given the unique opportunity to observe their own presentations, engage in self-evaluations and one-on-one evaluations with their coach to help recognize where to implement the workshop’s key learning points.

The Skilled Communicator

This workshop works to enhance communication skills through behavioral communication concepts.  The Skilled Communicator helps participants understand their own behavioral style and teaches them how to recognize the behavioral style of others.  By understanding who you are communicating with, you are able to determine how to communicate with them. Being able to flex your style to fit your environment is a key communication skill that is taught and practiced in this workshop.

Executive Coaching

In our executive coaching sessions, we work with executives on developing the necessary skills to address the challenges of managing diverse personalities.  By discovering your own motivators, and the motivators of those you supervise, you are able to foster successful relationships.  Our aim is to help you create an environment where open communication is valued and trust is built. 


Whether you’re facing a team conflict, establishing a new team or improving communication on an existing team, it is important to establish an atmosphere that allows every team member to contribute.   In facilitated team sessions on communication, we review the current communication process and challenges facing the team.  We then lead a discussion that focuses on the tools necessary to improve team communication and overcome challenges.  The structure of these sessions is designed during our pre-session interviews as we determine the best fit for your unique setting.

Associated Resource Tools:  The DiSC Assessment

We are experts in, and distributors of, the DiSC Personal Profile Assessment, which is used worldwide to enhance organizational development.   The DiSC model helps improve workplace communication, productivity and relationships by assessing the four dimensions of behavioral communication.   By understanding these four dimensions, you are able to present your messages in the most effective way for the audience you are trying to reach.  Many of our approaches to Presentation, Communication and Behavioral Styles use the DiSC Assessment to enhance learning.

However, the DiSC Assessments are available in other ways as well.  We not only provide our clients with DiSC training, but as an authorized DiSC distributor, we are able to organize and monitor your organization’s use of the assessments and provide a variety of reports detailing your results.  Team reports are a great tool because they compile the results of a group of individuals – perfect for further comprehension of the styles of an in-tact team or department.  

Want to take out the middleman?  As an authorized DiSC distributor, we offer the option of providing your organization with its own online DiSC account.  This allows you to send assessments on your own, whenever you need to.  We provide training on the different reports that are offered, how to distribute the reports and all the nuances of the system.  We also offer ongoing support whenever necessary.