Leadership & Management Development

Leading a team, department or organization is not an easy task. Successfully managing personalities, priorities and expectations requires skill, tact, commitment and focus. We specialize in helping our clients find the best methods for motivating, coordinating and growing the people that ensure organizational success.

How it Works

Have you moved your high performing individuals to leadership roles only to realize that your best project managers aren’t automatically equipped for management?  Has your organization faced a structural change that requires your leadership to change with it?  Are your strategic goals beginning to outpace the skills of your leadership team?

As a team leader you have probably faced at least one of these scenarios.  Whether it is guiding your team through structural change or trying to draw out the best from your managers, being a team leader requires the ability to manage people, tasks and expectations.   You are charged with inspiring your team to reach new goals, successfully leading your team through organizational changes and maintaining positive group relationships. 

Our approaches to Leadership and Management Development:

Leadership Topics and Workshops

Our workshops on Leadership and Management Development call leaders together to work through a variety of topics.  Leaders are the principle shapers of an organization’s culture and how they think, act and interact with others is critical to the company’s success.  Although each team is unique, leaders must be able to effectively motivate, engage and develop their associates.  With so many different personalities making up a team, this is often easier said than done. Our workshops aim to help leaders understand the characteristics of a successful team, learn how to use tools to help build a successful team and increase the effectiveness of communication.

A sample of our most popular topics or workshops include:

  • Building Championship Teams
  • Leading Individuals for Maximum Engagement
  • Succeeding During Change
  • Management Fundamentals

Executive Coaching

In many organizations, leaders do not have a soundboard to bounce ideas off of or help them through a particular issue facing their team.  In our executive coaching sessions, we are that soundboard.  These sessions focus on the individualized (and often confidential) needs facing your team.  We help leaders notice, understand and change factors preventing them from reaching personal and organizational goals.  We work with you to adapt your leadership through an understanding of your thinking and behavior.  We ask the right questions to help you achieve your goals in the development of people, processes and projects. 


Although you already know that effective teams require excellent communication, clear roles and responsibilities and solid relationships, putting these characteristics into action is sometimes harder than we think.  In facilitated team workshops, teams work together to write a purpose statement, define roles and responsibilities and build process maps.  When a team collaborates on building the necessary elements of an effective team, the chance of team success increases tenfold. 

Associated Resource Tools

Our “Leading Individuals Toolkit” serves as a guide for future coaching sessions with your team members.  This guide is a great reference to turn to when a coaching session is approaching.  The team charter, process maps and purpose statements developed in our sessions can be turned into quick reference job aids.  All team members can have these documents at their fingertips to “reset” their day if they have gone off track.