Project Management & Process Improvement

Big or small, successful project management is a juggling act of motivating teams, coordinating schedules and maintaining a budget. Our time tested project management techniques help our clients review the way they currently work, improve upon standard practices and make what already works, work better.

How it Works

Less than 20% of all projects finish on time, within scope and on budget. Yes, you read that correctly:  Less than 20%.  In today’s workplace, employees often find themselves taking on multiple projects, working with fewer resources and pressed for time.  Projects also require collaboration amongst multiple employees, each responsible for various aspects of the project.  Without a uniform method for managing projects, their related tasks, resources and relationships, project managers run the risk of losing control of the success of the project. 

Just as there is a process to completing a project, every moving part of an organization also follows a process.  Whether its how mail is delivered to each floor or the details involved in turning a lead into a sale, the processes followed by an organization help it keep its feet on the ground.  When these processes falter, sales can be lost, details can be missed and employees can feel overwhelmed.  It is important for organizations to dedicate time to analyzing and improving upon their existing processes in order to meet goals and objectives.

Our expertise in Project Management and Process Improvement provide organizations with the necessary tools to build a strong project plan, evaluate the steps of current processes and improve outcomes. 

Our Approaches to Project Management and Process Improvement:



Project Management

Our Project Management workshops are not lectures:  we take a hands-on, simulation-based approach to learning.  Working through multiple project simulations using our proven process, participants are able to experience the process from start to finish – testing ideas, confronting challenges – before implementing changes to their existing work.

There are a lot of moving parts to a project:  from the various roles played by each member of the project team, to the technology that can aid in project planning.  In our Project Management suite of workshops, you will find a workshop that addresses each of these moving parts.  And if you don’t?  Let us know!  We’re happy to work with you to create a workshop that fits your unique project management needs.  A sample of our workshops include:

  • Innovations in Project Management
  • Managing Your Project with Microsoft Project
  • Influencing for Project Managers
  • Innovations in Project Management for Executives & Project Sponsors

Process Improvement

Our Process Improvement workshop aims to create an environment where decisions are driven by  analysis, not politics.  We will map out one of your current processes from start to finish and determine where opportunities for improvement lay.  We work with you to analyze the process, identify challenges, select appropriate tools and implement changes.  Not only will your team walk away with an action plan to assist them in implementing the changes, but also, by the time we leave, they will have the necessary tools to run our process improvement approach on all other processes.  Every individual from front line staff to leadership will be able to apply our approach after the workshop has ended.

Executive Coaching

By working individually with a project leader or department head, we are able to help clarify the leader’s role in the project or process.  As a project leader or department head, you are not only charged with engaging direct reports, but it is also necessary to “manage up” and find creative ways to influence those to whom you report.  Managing all of these relationships can be tricky, especially when you are ultimately responsible for the results of the project or process and how it is perceived.  In our executive coaching sessions, we will work with you to help you set the right tone for the project, show you how to navigate your relationship with all of those involved and develop a plan to tackle challenges that arise. 


Project management and process improvement is as much about relationships with your project team or department as it is about managing tasks.  The facilitation of a process improvement session helps unify teams and develop confidence in the work they do.  When employees understand their role and how their work fits into the success of the project as a whole, they are more likely to “buy in” and develop a higher motivation. To aid in this understanding, we guide teams through the Client-Focus Process – an eye-opening tool which helps teams understand their own strengths and challenges in their existing (and future) work.

Associated Resource Tools

We offer many resources when it comes to project management and process improvement.  When partnering with us, you will have the opportunity to work with specially designed tools and products – everything from project boards, job aides, process maps, learning guides and more – that will help you plan all of your future projects.  These trademarked tools have been used by organizations around the globe to help them implement changes long after the training ends.